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Shotgun Shell Limiters ( Plugs )



Benelli / Beretta Shell Limiters


Part B2400-1
Benelli SBE / SBE II / SB 3 Shell Limiter

Limits Mag to 2 shells [ 2-3/4" - 3" - 3-1/2" ]

Polished Aluminum Finish

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Price : $16.50
Part B2400-2
Beretta Xtrema

Limits Mag to 2 shells [ 2-3/4" - 3" - 3-1/2" ]

Black Anodized Aluminum Finish

Sold Out
Price : $22.00

Part B2400-3
Benelli SBE - 4 Shot Extension Limiter

limits Mag to 2 shells [ 2-3/4" ; 3" ; 3-1/2" ]

Polished Aluminum Finish

Out of Stock
Price : $42.50

Part B2400-4
Benelli Nova Shell Limiter

limits Mag to 2 shells [ 2-3/4" ; 3" ; 3-1/2" ]

Polished Aluminum Finish

Out of Stock
Price : $18.00



Installation Guide:

Remove Old Limiter below the Spring Retainer.

Snap ring pliers can be useful

WATCH OUT, the long spring is in compression and it can whack you in the eyeball.

Install the spring and retainer clip. The retainer should be recessed in the tube about a 1/4"

Slide in new limiter and add Magazine Cover.

Limiter installed in Nova

Plastic Limiter in Nova needs to be removed, Watch out for the Spring

Replace the Spring and retainer, note the offset for head of limiter

Slide the Limiter in

Ready for new limiter



4 shot Extension Tube.

Measurement Guide: (how to measure limiter sizes)

PHOTO of shells and description below

3- 1/2" shells on Bottom, 3 " in middle & 2- 3/4"shells on top row. 

The last shell on the right is a a 2 - 3/4" shell. [ BOTTOM ROW ]

With the limiter installed you should have ~ 6 1/2" of length available in the magazine tube for shells.


Getting a length number can be done in many ways.

You can use pencils and shells among other items.

Fill the magazine with shells until it is full. the last shell should be sticking out and you can mark it with a sharpie. Unload the shotgun and then line up the shells next to a ruler. Use picture above to get the 6-1/2" max length.

e.g. Your shells line up to 10-1/2" , so you need a 4 inch limiter length

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