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Can Someone Finally Put the ‘Gun Show Loophole’ Myth to Rest

October 11, 2016 / by

Myth “The Gun Show Loophole”

This liberal myth most likely originated in a liberal focus group where the goal was to fabricate terminology to mislead voters regarding access to firearms.

There is NO gun show loophole. It doesn’t exist.

Yes, that’s right, it’s completely made up and people using this talking point must not know that they sound ridiculous when they bring it up, Hillary included.

People who use this debunked, nonsensical, talking point are similar to that really loud guy at a small, intimate house party that’s talking loud enough for everyone to hear, and telling stories about his high school football days that absolutely no one cares about.

He looks ridiculous but he’s the only one who doesn’t know it.

If you go to a gun show and ask a federally licensed firearms dealer to bypass the background check citing the “gun show loophole” you will likely be thrown out or, at a minimum, you will be sternly corrected.

Again, don’t believe me, then check out this terrific video by Steven Crowder in which he humorously tries to use the “gun show loophole” to speed up the gun buying process.

In short, some private sales and transfers or firearms, do not require a NICS check.

But, this has nothing to do with a gun show and EVERY licensed federal firearms dealer at a gun show must, by law, conduct a background check.

Saying otherwise makes you look silly, or it makes you a died-in-the-wool liberal, but I just said the same thing twice.

Hat tip to Dan Bongino and Steven Crowder








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