Bow Stabilizer Adapters

Mixing and matching different vendor parts can have simple solutions.

The customer providing me good information as to what he wanted. --- SCROLL DOWN --- . This is why I made this page. This will show others the kind of info that is useful and motivates me to make you a part.

Hey SPEAR-O's , Note this part is an ( 8mm - 1mm ) thread vs a 1.25 mm pitch common to spear shafts.


CUSTOMER Provided Photos to show me exactly what he wanted and what it was for.

I like to know what you are using a part for , so I can check if it will work and proper material choice.

Sometimes I can just refer you to a part off the shelf and not have to make it.

Most shops will not deal with you for something like this, it's just not a money maker.

I will help as a service and general goodwill.

Note the Detailed information so I could actually make it, without asking 50 questions.


Archery Talk Forum Thread about this part.


- - - Part of thread talk is about shops NOT willing to help for small jobs. - - -

Another option for custom parts is the Hobby-Machinist crowd.

My perspective on the hobby machinist crowd is a helpful and friendly set of machinist, fabricators, engineers and tool junkies. Another option.