This section is for Pole Spears with SAE and Metric Threads for common spear tips on the market.


Thread Options for spear tip sizes

Configuration SETUPS for length setups

Knurl RING GRIP Pole spears

Rubber O-Ring Twist GRIP Pole spears

General FEATURES and specific details of the 5/8" Pole spear

5 YEAR Warranty



Spear Tip thread sizes and mount options

6mm-1 Male [ Standard Size ] Part B3022-1F
NO added COST

6mm-1 Male [17-4 SS Insert] Part B3022-23F
can fit deep bore spear tips
NO added COST

[ 5/16"-24 Male ] Part B3022-7F
Front of Pole Spear Configuration Option
NO added COST
[ 8mm-1.25 Male ] Part B3022-10F
Front of Pole Spear Configuration Option
NO added COST
3/8"-24 Male Part B3022-5F
NO added COST
[ 1/2"-20 Male ] Part B3022-17F
Front of Pole Spear Configuration Option
NO added COST
6mm-1 FEMALE Special Part B3022-12F
NO added COST
5/16"-24 FEMALE Part B3022 -14F
NO added COST
Linghunt Slip tip Base Mount Part B3022-22F
NO added COST
Cross Hole Loop slip tip [ JC's Custom Nomad Base] Part B3022-11F
NO added COST

OTHER sizes? Contact me to let me know what you want...





Ring Grips

Concept of the finger ring was an airplane wing.


Twist Grip

Constructed from a roll of O-ring stock and electrial heat shrink.



Polespear Features


Pole Length DOES NOT include spear tip length. [ e.g. 6 foot pole is a 6 foot pole ]


Linghunt Signature Joint Connections [Water Tight Seal and Self locker]


Straight Knurl "Sure Grip" for tightening of pole sections with wet hands & gloves


Tip mounting OPTIONS. 6mm-1 male is standard size


Stow clip and side hole (when your pole is not in use, clip it on your float and keep the tip out of harm’s way)


2 foot section length for easy travel and configuration setup


Tubular Aluminum Construction


Sulfuric Anodize finish Type II Class 2 (MIL-A-8625) for Pole sections.


Standard 1/2" Rubber for Power Source


5 Year Warranty

The 5/8" LingHunt B3020 , B3120 and 5000 Series Pole spear has a 5 year warranty against defects in material or workmanship for original Buyer.

This doesn’t cover abuse and misuse of the pole spear

( Use as a Pry Bar, Driving over it with Truck, etc)

Rubbers are not included as they are a consumable and need replacement with use.

Contact LEI if you have a problem