This is a catch all page for various Manuals and Reference information.

For easy reference I will add various spearfishing and associated Sales Catalogs.


Manuals - Instructions - Guides

Brownells Parkerizing Guide Parkerizing Surface Finish Instructions

Di-Arco Metal Bender Manual Application Manual, an amazing tool

Omni-Turn CNC Manual lots of typos -

ManualsLib Ultimate Library of Manuals - LINK -

ManualsOnline Another Source for Manuals - LINK -

Mares 1987 Product Manual Exploded illustrations and part numbers

O-ring Design Guides Parker & New Design Seals

MACHINERY HANDBOOK 26th Edition 2000

Engineering WorkShop Maunal 1938 by Ernest Pull

Model Engineers Handbook by Tubal Cain 3rd Edition 1996

IEEE Surge Protection How to Protect Your House and Its Contents from Lightning

Motorola R56 Standards Standards and Guidelines for Communication sites - 2005

National Electrical Code 2011 and 1897 versions


Spearfishing / Diving- Sales Catalogs -

Scuba Pro Catalog 2017 Diving and Scuba gear

Harrison Precision Valve Products

ROB ALLEN Catalog 2012 Diving and Spearfishing gear

Riffe Catalog 2014 Diving and Spearfishing gear

OMER Catalog 2011 Diving and Spearfishing gear

AB Biller Catalog Spearfishing gear

Worth Company 2014-15 Fishing Lure Supplies, they makes lots of parts you might be looking for

Trident 2016 240 page catalog with more stuff than you know. Page 204 gets into spearing hardware.

- - Manufacturer Note: If you want your catalog here send a pdf file to me and I will post. - -

Brownells Parkerizing Instructions


Di-Acro == ART of Bending ==

I have one of these benders, It's a great product.

Omni-turn CNC programming manual

Not a bad manual, lots of typos thou.

Ultimate Library of Manuals

a Huge Library of manuals

Manuals Online

Another Source for manuals

MARES Manual Repair Guide / Part List

This is a good document if you work on your own equipment, spearguns are in there too.

Parker O-ring Design and New Design Seal Manuals

This book has not changed much over the years, I still use my PAPER COPY DATED 1992


Another O-Ring Reference


Engineering Workshop Manual

Model Engineers HANDBOOK

Be sure to watch his videos on U-tube

IEEE Guide to Surge Protection 2005

Motorola Manual 2005


NEC 2011

Latest FREE Copy Available

A fellow EE buddy sent me this. Interesting the amount of change over the years.

Sales Catalogs

Scuba Pro Catalog 2017




Rob Allen Catalog 2012

Riffe Catalog 2014

OMER 2011

AB Biller


Worth Company 2014-2015

Trident Underwater Products

Page 204 is the start of spearfishing gear