Customer Feedback Samples:

John, I received the Pole Spear last night. What a beautiful piece it is!  Thank you for doing such a nice job on it and I look forward to hunting fish with it next month in Montserrat. Mike USA

Hello , I just received my package and I have to say, you have a very high quality and useful product. I can see that care and focus were put into its production. Thank you, Aaron USA

The spear arrived and I wanted to take the time to thank you for always answering my questions and thank you for making an outstanding product, I will absolutely enjoy it. Its perfect for what I want to accomplish.   The workmanship and though behind the pole is outstanding.  Once some of these hurricanes move through, I will be back in action.   Stripper and Taug season here in New Jersey.  I am also going to Bahamas over the holidays and will use your pole eveyday there. If I get something good or if you want me to write some sort of review I'll be more than happy to.  The pole now and the tips you made me last time.... perfect package.  Thanks again, WaltUSA

I just have to say thank you so very much for this wonderful product. They are working out great, the fit, finish, everything is simply perfect.  I might have a more strange request in the future for a different spear poles, as I have some OMER products that I need a longer shaft with the different conversions at the top.  Not sure that something you can accommodate or not but I will ask hopefully sooner than later. Once again thank you so very much. DanielUSA

Good morning John! Last night I received the package. Everything as expected. I’m very pleased with the quality of your products. Kind regards, Ramon

Sweet design- love the o-ring now I know how it works. You played with that hole placement vs string diameter I'm sure. It mates perfectly with my Scubapro five footer! I should have taken a photo, but I'm sure you know how perfect it fits! WarrenUSA I just got my spear.  I love it!  The tip fits my other spear perfectly, and the tip from the other spear is a perfect fit on your spear.  Great work!  Thank you for working so patiently with me for so long.  I am thrilled to now own a genuine Linghunt pole spear!   With much admiration, Mike USA

Great and thanks. Your customer service and attention is unparalleled. Looking forward to my 2nd Linghunt Spear head.  Steve USA


Hello John, Just wanted to let you know that the pole spear arrived safe and sound. It is a work of art! The craftsmanship is superb. Can not wait to use it. The cardboard around the house will fear me until the next hunt. Thank you, Pete USA

I just got the spear in the mail. I worked for Cooper Firearms for 6 years. They make, high end, bolt action rifles with a reputation for quality and accuracy. Working there made me a bit of a snob when it comes to craftsmanship and I have to tell you that I couldn't be happier with my new spear. Even with your reputation for quality, you've exceeded my expectations.
Thank you for working with me to get me exactly what I wanted and then some, you can be sure this won't be my last purchase from you. Thank you so much for the exceptional work and service. Joe USA

John, I received the goods today. I don't know even know what to say, other then I am blown away and far exceeded my expectations. You treated me like a true friend. I am a customer for life, and will go out of my way to tell dive friends about the quality of your craftsmanship. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

Kind Regards, Joey USA

Hey John, Just wanted to let you know that the spear arrived yesterday. Thanks for getting it here so quick. It looks awesome. Can't wait to try it out this weekend. Jake USA

It´s amazing, really like it. Well worked and thought through! I can change the setup as I like and modify to my needs. A thing I like also a lot is, that it fits right in my backpack, without sticking out like spearguns.
I prefer lonely places to go spearfishing so I have to walk through the mountains to get there. Can be annoying with something sticking out like a antenna! A couple of days ago I finally could test it. I started with the paralyzer tip. Got the aiming quite quickly. I really like the fast shooting and recharging, makes fishing a lot of fun. Next day I tried the slip tip. Very nice! Easy to aim and the fish is well secured! Lurking is a bit weary with the charged spear. Maybe I need some more practice. Well! Thank You very much for this nice pole spear You made! I will enjoy it a lot! Greetings Bertl Spain

Hey John, Got the spear yesterday, I really like the design of the slip tip and the sealing connections on the pole. They are both well crafted. Thanks, Sam USA

I have made no modifications to the Game Warden Barbed paralyzer tip and it has performed quite well. The 2 3/8" slip tip was starting to become my favorite for some sheepshead I was getting.

I just need to remember to check the head after a miss. I missed one and the tip went into the SAND and it didn't come off so i thought nothing of it. Next fish I had a good solid shot on and he got off. turned out the tip was jammed with sand and did't deploy. I won't be making that mistake next time! Since grouper season is around the corner I figured I'd get the bigger slip tip for them.

As for the discount, thank you! Ben B - FloridaUSA

John, I just received the package. It is a work of art. Thank you very much. Tomorrow I will try it out. Best Regards. Mateo - Spain Spain

I was finally able to use the pole spear I purchased from you over the winter and I am extremely happy with the results. I attached pictures of the fish I got today in a lake in Ohio. Thank you, Alex B. - Ohio USA

Here's some photos of fish we killed with your pole spear. It's the best sling ever made! I'm going to try and get a stripped bass in the Atlantic this summer with it. I may never use a gun again on a fish under 50lbs. I have a few more and a video of a friend shooting a parrot fish. I'll try and locate those. Thanks for the spear Miles B. - New York

There is a saying that says "It is the Indian not the arrow". However, this 'Indian' has a great advantage now that he has a quality 'arrow' he can trust. John, after assembling and inspecting the spear, I am thoroughly convinced that I made the right choice. Now its up to me to deliver the fish. Thanks for designing and developing a quality product. Peter J. - Taiwan

Got it today looks like a beauty….WOW is it long. Ill let you know how the tips fit on my IST pole! And how my DIY grips turn out, thanks again for a great service!. G.Page - Canada

Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that I shot a world record Jack Crevalle with your pole spear. I just submitted the record to the IUSA and it is pending, I will let you know the outcome, but I think I have it. Ben C. Texas

Got the parts today, and they look great!  Thanks. Tinman

John, the pole arrived, in fact, I've had it for a week and a half. I keep meaning to send you a note but am busy playing with the pole heheheh!! Anyway, it's awesome , I love it, I've tried some different configurations and can't say enough about the thought that you must have put into this and the skill it takes to make it. So far the only victim of the spear is an old chair and my gut after it rebounded and the butt caught me- but hopefully that will change as I'm off to my boat down in the Bahamas on Dec 16th. I'll try to get you some promo shots. Andre G. - Canada

Hey John, got the spear. It came in super quick compared to the tip and adapter. Which I am loving that too by the way. Man this slip tip is nice. I really like the thought and quality build youve put into this. The spear is long as hell but I love it. The long band you send is a beast and really gets it moving. For my style of hunting i dont find myself needing to transition it side to side very much so the length is nothing but good. I go down and lay on the bottom and toss some sand and/or rub on rock and coral and the fish come in to check it out. Hopefully be able to get in the water with it early next week. Just wanted to let you know so far I am loving it. Much lighter than I was thinking. Dan R -Japan

John! It was awesome seeing what you do and cool to see how much work really goes into your tools. I seriously can't wait to dive now!! Thanks for the info on that Dive spot too, I will be checking it out next calm day up north. Thanks again for everything, Kevin K, California

John... Just a quick note to let you know that the gear arrived today. It looks terrific! I am eager to try it out. Am planning a spearfishing trip with my son Christmas week, and will let you know how it goes. I sure appreciate being able to do business with you - you are a true craftsman and a pleasure to deal with. Thanks again, best wishes to the family, and Merry Christmas to all. Steve B, - UK

Just wanted to send you some pics from our last trip to Bahamas in case you want to use them on your website promoting the spear pole. The only spears I own are the 2 I ordered from you and they put food on the table every time. Unfortunately for you as a producer, the construction is so solid that it never breaks so it seems like I won't be ordering another one for a while. M Harju Norway

Go on Ebay and check out "Linghunt" pole spears. Both my Self and JimDoe2You are using these. they are of EXCELLENT Quality, I am very impressed with mine. John (the creator) just sent me a prototype sliptip, from the look of it he used to work for NASA, can't wait to test it out! he can do custom jobs as well, so shoot him and email and let him know what you're looking for. Amphibious (DeeperBlue)dd

NORCAL Underwaterhunters Forum:

I've been using a Linghunt pole spear with one segment removed, a shorter band, and a 12" single flopper (5ft total length). This was all recommended by the guy at Linghunt. I really like it. (Yowlie) NORCAL

One night I sprayed the tip down with PB Blaster and threw it in my vice so I could take it off and figure out what the thread size was, well three decades worth of rust caused the shaft to shear. I was super bummed, it is a really nice tapered fiberglass pole that my dad used to use in the early 80's. I contacted Linghunt about fixing it, Linghunt generously offered to fix it for free since I wanted to buy one of his tips. Luckily I was heading down to Catalina the next week for the Humboldt Dive Program so I was able to drop it off at his place in Santa Rosa. Ended up talking to him for awhile and spent some time looking at his awesome polespears and tips, which of course led me to commission him to build me a slip-tip shaft... I stopped by on my way north on Sunday to pick it up and was super impressed with how it turned out. I hadn't used a polespear in over a year so I was pretty pumped when my all my shots struck home. The tip performed flawlessy. I can't recommend Linghunt enough for repairs and spearfishing equipment! (Fej) NORCAL

John Martin (aka Linghunt) recently joined this forum. He was too humble in his introduction, because John makes a fine polespear. He also is at the top of the line for customer service, providing advice, making repairs with as small an inconvenience to the customer as possible. GSharp) NORCAL