Once your Order is packaged for shipment and we have an actual Ship Cost:

[1] You will receive a refund for Over Payment of Shipping OR...

[2] If You underpaid by $5.00 or less, then nothing OR...

[3] If more than $5.01 is needed for Actual Shipping you will be sent a PayPal invoice.

Shipping cost vary from location to location along with different cost as time moves forward.

Send me an Email with what you Want to Buy and location for an actual Cost Quote.

CA Sales Tax:

California Sales Tax only applies to shipments within the Great State of Californ-i-a. All others will have the Paid Sales Tax REFUNDED, 100%.


Shipping cost across the web site are for shipping within the United States... International shipping is typically much higher than USA shipping based on your location.

Feel free to Email me [john@linghunt.com] for ship cost estimate to your home country. Your local government may have tariffs and import restrictions. Buyers are responsible for all of these fees / duties / custom fees / taxes.

LingHunt NO longer ships to European Union countries.  

Why?  All of the procedures to be a Tax Collector for EU.    

Effective July 1, 2021, EU member states will collect value added tax (VAT) for all goods entering the EU. The VAT ranges from 17% to 27% depending on the EU member state, not including any applicable duties / fees.


LingHunt 10% Tip Discount:

LEI provides a Lifetime discount for Spear tips if you are an Orginal Owner of the Linghunt Pole. This discount will be refunded along with the Over-shipping and CA Sales Tax. Pole sections and Linghunt pole only tips already have is integrated into cost.

In time a smarter Shopping Cart method will be incorporated.


RETURN of Products:

Contact Linghunt Engineering prior to returning products. Use email, phone, text, or Skype.   

Package sharp items carefully.

[ A Sad Story: A vintage speargun shaft was sent to me to re-produce spares since it was the only one. An EMPTY shipping tube arrived with a small hole in the end, that sharp spear shaft poked through and was lost ]

Below is a picture of a package I got a damaged flopper tip in and it was wrapped well. Take a look at the box that took a beating. The tip was wrapped well inside that saved it from being lost....


What sorting machines do

NOTE the small Rat Hole that let the adapter go FREE