Another Interesting use of a Pole Spear adapter.

[ 3/8"-24 Male x 5/16"-24 Female]

I made this page for illustrating a solution someone had.

Customer Dialog FYI , he bought the Rev B version and shortened it.

Rev A would have been the better choice, but I did not have it available.

Rev A is now available for others.

John, I have a unique use for this adapter.

I have an old WEN 7” sander/polisher that has a non-standard output drive configuration, and I am hoping the adapter will allow me to use the standard 5/16-24 threaded backing pad that is used today.

I don’t like scrapping an old tool, just because I cannot make things match up. I will let you know how it goes.

Here are some pictures to support the modifications. I took the front end taper back to within 3/32” of the largest diameter and have it a little chamfer with my countersink bit.

The sander/polisher is a WEN model #943, with a 3/8"-24 female output drive. The new buffing pad has a 5/16"-24 male thread. Your adapter makes the match.

After a slight shortening of your adapter, my old WEN (model #943) sander/polisher has new life, and can use modern abrasive products. See below.



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Part # -- B2409-15A