Interesting use of a PoleSpear adapter.


Part # -- B2409-15B

Customer Comment

I don’t normally do reviews but I do want to share with you my unique use of your adapters.

I did a general Google search of a 3/8"-24 to 5/16"-24 adapter and yours came up with just what I wanted.

I am converting my 1970 Chevy pickup from an automatic transmission to a 5 speed manual overdrive.

Instead of a rod and linkage clutch I decided to go with a hydraulic design. It consists of a Master cylinder on the firewall and a slave cylinder to pull the clutch fork.

The threads for this cylinder are 5/16"-24 on both ends. The hole thru the clutch fork is 3/8". You can only buy a rod end with a 5/16" hole and 5/16" thread OR a 3/8" hole and 3/8" thread.

So I used your B2409-15B adapter to get the job done ( picture attached ).

Wilwood only offers the slave cylinder with 5/16"-24 threads.

Thanks for the adapters.

Always amazed where these adapters are used at times. Hopefully this little page heelp someone else with same application.

If you have a lathe at your shop, you can just make the part yourself.