Pole Spear Selection Guide:

Picking out a new PoleSpear can be lots of fun but also confusing with so many options out on the market.

This information can be of assistance in deciding on a LINGHUNT Pole Spear or perhaps a different Vendor.


Some questions to consider as you move forward in your pole spear selection.



If you are new to the game and have a limited budget, a low cost fiberglass pole might be a good starting point. I've killed a lot of fish with a fiberglass pole.

If you go that route, take care of your pole and watch for splintering and damage. This is a common advertisement against buying them. I've had a few fiberglass poles over the years, and haven't had any issues woith them. Maintenance of your fiberglass pole and adding a clear-coat finish can do wonders on extending it's life. A fiberglass pole can take a beating, I've found a few of them on salvage dives and they were all still good after a little care.

The metal joint connections is probably biggest issue. Some are sloppy and loose and not proper mounted.



Some are tubular and others are solid. Solid Poles are heavier and tubular are lighter with the internal space filled with Air. Tubular poles need to be sealed properly so they don't flood with water. Flooded pole sections is common event, and some designs actually allow this. It's also sseem that they forget to add this to the Advertising information. The effect of flooded sectons can effect the shot along wih added mass one might not expect. Go to LINGHUNT 101 spearfishing Physics section for more details. Details might not be complete, but I will get to it.



Carbon fiber is an amazing material, and it can be purchased in solid or tubular material. The strength vs mass ratio makes this the material of choice, not considering cost. The drawback is durability. Many carbon fiber poles dragged across the rocks and abused are more likely to break.

Linghunt doesn't market a carbon fiber pole at this time due to durability. I have made a few pole by request only.



This is a wide range of poles, amazing the ideas some come up with to put an effective pole together with just a little effort. EMT Conduit, aluminum rods , Bamboo , Carbon fiber are all choices.

Remember that a polespear is just a long rod with a point on the end and a rubber on the back side.

There are some strong rewards to making your own pole. If you get stuck and just need some help with a joint or a tip, drop me a line, I would be happy to help.


Read the fine print so you know what you are actually buying, Forum reviews are a good source of data, once you get past the "troll hyping" of products without substance.

The Linghunt pole IS NOT the "best pole" ever made as others advertised.

It's just the best pole I can produce at this time, considering practical cost.




5 YEAR WARRANTY: The LINGHUNT Pole spear has a 5 year warranty against defects in material or workmanship for original Buyer. This doesn’t cover abuse ( Use as a PryBar, Driving over it with Truck, etc) and misuse of the pole spear or the rubber. Contact LEI if you have a problem (Sales@Linghunt.com)


If you buy a Linghunt Pole and are not satisfied with the product out of the box, Send it back and have a Full Refund of original Payment. -100% satisfaction is my Standard.-

I will have improved designs and with different options in the future. Any product can always be improved.