The B5021-2 [5/8" Dia , 5 Foot , 3 section]

( 2ft - 1ft - 2ft ) Add LingHunt tip and mount for final length

-GRIP- Diamond Knurl with Contoured Grip Rings

More Pictures Soon    


Pole Spear Includes everything you need Except a B3300 Linghunt Spear Tip Types.

Price : $140

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Multiple configuration setups diagrams will be added.



5 YEAR WARRANTY: The LINGHUNT Pole spear has a 5 year warranty against defects in material or workmanship for original Buyer. This doesn’t cover abuse ( Use as a PryBar, Driving over it with Truck, etc) and misuse of the pole spear or the rubber. Contact LEI if you have a problem (