Oct  4 , 2022 --

PAYPAL has been Removed and Canceled from this website.

PAYPAL Policy changes makes using them a serious --Financial Risk--. This change is due to take effect November 3, 2022.  

Without any recourse, Paypal can charge you a $2,500 fee for every event they decide you broke policy.

If you say anything that they disagree with, you can get charged.

Watch this viafrei Podcast on Rumble.  Forward Time Stamp to the 42 minute Mark for this Topic.  

Attorney Robert Barnes explains in layman terms.  Only about 6 minute of video time. 


A Link below to the PAYPAL Policy in pdf format so you can read it yourself. 




Below is My edit of Video, I did this as one person notified me the link was blocked to them



An added Link to the Audio PodBean for your interest.


Sept 2019 --

I really love this site to check on Storms , The YouTube videos are great too.

Storm Conditions


July 2018 -- 

LingHunt Pole Spear sales and Custom Request Update: I do appreciate the large increase in LingHunt Pole spear demand. This push along with other demands has pushed us to know some of our limits on being a prompt supplier for all of you.

Proto-types and custom fit up is a service we will still provide, but we had to draw a line between producing and shipping Standard LingHunt Poles and servicing different Polespear brands. We will continue to support those needs as most vendors do not. If you need something let me know, lead time will be based on backlog.

A Concise consolidated Pole spear line has been created, Poles B5xxx Series with B33xx spear tips. This will allow us to quickly ship products.

April 2018 -- Being pushed from all sides, I started doing some videos on a YOUTUBE Channel.

Instruction Videos associated with Spear Fishing, Industrial Controls, and Fabrication methods

I will add more content as time permits. If you have a video request, let me know.

Nov 2017 -- Been adding more info to various web pages. Still much to do. I set up a Project Page off the home page last month. This shows some of the various projects I've done without IP constraints. I also added a page off of the spearfishing home page for pdf flyer downloads and other pdf files. I will add more here as time permits.

Oct 2017 -- Big News is the Santa Rosa wild fires that left the area looking like a War zone. We are OK and just close to the fire as it came into Santa Rosa on Sunday Night / Monday morning. Many close friends got burned out but families are safe.

Sept 2017 -- Just a week away from replacing Pole Spear section. It took longer was more involved than planned. The final part for 1/2" pole stock is out for anodizing. test samples have gone well.

BlueWater slip design is complete, making a couple prototypes for testng now. Bamboo Pole is behind schedule.

Been a busy summer and lots of tasks done, but lots more to do. Web page has been updated in various sections, mostly spearfishing.

Thanks Again for all of the Pole Spear orders, keeping me super busy. Hard to believe how many Poles I have made this year.

Feb 2017 -- Polespear pages in rebuild process , 1/2" pole close to being ready. There will be a section for Lionfish poles too. I had so many requests for different version I decided to post a few options.

Blue water speargun slip tip on the short list.

Bamboo Polespear is back towards the top of the docket. Building some prototype connectors now for field evaluation.

Nov 2016 -- Added 2 new Links to Home page, [1] for various project samples, [2] Adddition Parts for sale section

Oct 2016 -- Advanced Mechanical Engineering Solutions. A great technical reference. Enjoy...


Sept 2016 -- 1/2" Pole spear are almost ready for release. Field testing result are complete and met our expectation. 1/2" Thread Adapters parts have been updated to the web site.

Feb 2016 -- Adding Spear tips, Extensions, adapters, Stringers etc

Jun 2015 -- Release of Slip Tip B2540-1 (light weight design for Reef and Flounders)

Apr 2015 -- Release of B3121-1 / B3121-3 (Lower Cost PoleSpear Option)

Oct 2014 -- Release of B3021-1 and B3021-3 (Upgraded B3020)

Apr 2013 -- Release of LingHunt Pole Spear (B3020)

B3020 Polespear Brochure -- No Longer in Production

View from South Peak of Sandia Mountains looking south towards Sandia Labs in New Mexico.