Threaded Adapters

My purpose for this page was to provide some general help in defining the adapter that you want, but can't find it anywhere on the market.

I'm just looking to reduce the back and forth design phase.

Summary of Content:

Ask for a specific Cost Quote

Based on time and materials

~ $20 - $40 range + ship cost

Cost is based on manufacturing time and material cost. I don't do the typical $50 - $100 minimum you might find at a typical machine shop. I also provide design support that you will not find at a shop without additional cost.

Lead time -- will be based on my backlog and setups in use on various shop tools.

Quanity of parts is big part of cost estimates. Setup for the 1st Part is where the cost comes in. Buying more than just 1 part can reduce the cost / part.


Mechanical Features

Illustrated Counterbore Feature:

This is used to provide strength to a joint. The Male counter part will fit into the counterbore with limited clearance. This protects a small thread from getting sheared off along with added axial alignment.


Illustrated Shoulder Feature:

The shoulder fits into counterbore. (Typically at .271")


Different Types of Holes


Many countersink sizes



Here is an example of the types of numbers I need along with Thread size and Male/Female.

Application of the part will help determine material choice. Tell me what you are doing.


Examples for customer sketch.

This sketch was pretty good, only a few missing dimensions I needed. I could fill those in with ease.


Other sketch types - FYI

Note the shoulder diameter is larger than the .271" typical size.


a sketch can be a drawing of what you want, Gives a starting point for dialog.


Some other ways to illlustrate your Ideas.




Most Spearo SAE Sizes


Most Spearo Metric Sizes




More Complete Thread Sizes